Paragon Tower

Paragon Tower

Gökhan Aksoy Mîmarlik

The Paragon Tower is shaped as a simple rectangular prism rising up from its base. The office building was designed by architect Gokhan Aksoy and is located in the Çukurambar district of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It comprises 27 floors of office space and five floors offering social and commercial facilities as well as service areas, parking facilities, and gardens.

The rectangular-shaped plot is situated next to a major arterial road in one of the recently developed districts of Ankara in which many similar office buildings started to rise around a decade ago. The office tower is a simple rectangular prism with two interlocking L-shaped floors surrounding the lift shaft and stairwell at the centre. The floor space becomes smaller with each storey upwards, creating a dynamic diagonal form in the overall mass of the tower.


The 27 floors of office space offering approximately 12,000 square metres in a 32-floor structure with a total of 44,600 square metres of construction area include social and commercial facilities as well as service areas and parking facilities. There are four semi-open ‘floor gardens’ located part-way up the building on the 7th and 17th floors, serving as socialising areas for office employees and offering café and restaurant facilities. The top floor also features a spacious restaurant with expansive city views.


The building has two entrances, situated on two different ground levels due to the sloped site. The lower level entrance serves as an entrance to the tower itself, while the upper level entrance provides access to the courtyard, located in the terrace at the base. At the entrance to the tower itself, the office block is set back from the road, creating a public space that is emphasised by the canopy. In order to give the public a good welcome, the upper courtyard area has been augmented through landscaping and with the addition of urban sculptures.

The floor space becomes smaller with each storey upwards, creating a diagonal form
CW 50-SC Glasfasader - Business center Paragon Tower som är belägen i Ankara, Kalkon

In this dence urban location the floor area is maximised with creativity


The upper courtyard creates a link between the tower and the base. This effect is enriched by the canopy, which connects the building with the independent building units surrounding the courtyard. This courtyard has been designed with semi-public spaces, inviting the public to interact with the building and use the open spaces on the ground floor.


The Paragon Tower exhibits many similarities with its siblings scattered around the area. As in many other dense urban locations, the architects have had to maximise the floor area in the simplest way, allowing them to show their creativity only through the façade articulation since the volumes are partly defined by the restrictive zoning laws. However, in this case, the architect had succeeded in creating a dynamic and pleasing asymmetric form by simply modifying the floor space on each successive storey. This dynamism has also been achieved without sacrificing the utilitarian central core model. The façade patterns formed by anodised aluminium cladding and Reynaers’ CW 50-SC and CW 50-systems also enhances the dynamism of the tower.


The success of the building also owes much to the public areas created on the ground floor, articulated with great architectural skill. The two large independent units situated on the edges of the rectangular plot have been designed to be used as large stores, and they are cleverly united with the base of the tower by means of an elegant floating canopy. The interior courtyard formed by these independent units and the canopy is well integrated with the base of the tower, intended to create an effective public space in Ankara.

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Gökhan Aksoy Mîmarlik
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Bayraktar Inșaat (Investors) Ufuk Mesken Inșaat (General contractors)
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CW 50 Alu on steel