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White Sails

White Sails is the name of a complex of luxury flats in Odessa, with panoramic views across the Black Sea....

Villa Rotonda

A remarkable fusion of contemporary traditionalism and artisanal modernism

Van Acker Sissau villa

An 'All-in-one' villa with an open plan

Technical Vocational School Visp

Pure and technically convincing

Sopharma Litex Business Towers

The Sopharma Litex Towers are the first example of a large-scale project with integrated urban planning in Sofia’s recent history.


The architecture contrasts not only with Iceland’s meteorological conditions, but also with the economic cli-mate in which the tower was realised.

Estoril sol residence complex

A strong statement at the entrance to the town

Eleven Brindleyplace

Glenn Howells’ new office building is the last piece of a jigsaw in a long and large redevelopment saga; Brindleyplace, a seventeen hectar site near Birmingham’s city cen...