Surface treatment

Using Reynaers profiles means a lot of available finishes. Everything from mill finish and naturally anodized to painted and preanodized, with dual colour as an extra option. For the surface treatment of the profiles we collaborate with carefully selected lacquer companies that strictly adhere to our standards and regulations.

Interested in samples? Contact the local Reynaers office.

A unique coating

Reynaers has its own series of handles, Purity, for which the coating process is unique. It is based on PVD, Physical Vapor Deposition, and was invented 50 years ago. PVD was in the beginning used by the space industry to increase the resistance of the materials to be exposed in space.


Reynaers uses for the coating of Purity a whole new production process, named BIOV™*, “Bioecologic Ion Overlay“. BIOV is the evolution of PVD, taking away the galvanic chrome, increasing the wear resistance and providing no limitation to metal colour tone.

*In collaboration with ENTECH srl