Reynaers Training & Automation Centre

In order to deserve a leading role in the building industry, Reynaers' profile systems have evolved from aesthetic modules to actual building components, meeting the highest requirements of the international building market.

The Reynaers Institute bundles the know-how and experience of architects, project developers, building professionals and our own employees. As such, we work continuously towards the building vision of the future.

But the Reynaers Institute is much more than just a building — it is a state of mind. A permanent incentive to implement our core values, an international communication forum and a source of inspiration for all players in the building process.

Theoretical and practical trainings

At Reynaers we stress the importance of production and installation for the long-term performance of aluminium systems. That is why we maintain relations with a strong international network of professional window manufacturers and designers and organize trainings.

These numerous training sessions teach our customers the necessary skills and know-how and enable them to provide their own customers with high-quality service. Our practical training is made up of both basic and specialist courses (assembly and installation) as well as software classes (ReynaPro). We also regularly organize seminars and presentations for architects on trending topics and innovative façade techniques.

At our Institute, we offer the following trainings:
 ▪ Assembly training
 ▪ Installation training
 ▪ Software training

All our training videos can be found on the Reynaers YouTube-channel. For further information about our trainings and/or seminars, don’t hesitate to contact us on


Automation services

Reynaers offers a full range of automation solutions to the customer through dedicated partnerships. Every stage of the production process can be optimized using a fine-tuned combination of the right experience and know-how, state-of-the-art machinery, the most recent technologies and an optimized link with the ReynaPro software. As such, the fabricator gets the opportunity to produce in the most efficient way, reduce costs and increase profitability. To realise this, we select the best performing and most suitable solution for every type of operation on our profiles.


To allow fully automated production of our systems, there is a direct link between various machines and the ReynaPro software. This ReynaPro software includes a database of all profiles and accessories, allowing calculation and manufacturing of projects. The technical data and commercial information are continuously updated and supported by our technical service.

Reynaers established close partnerships with machine suppliers — this to optimally set-up and install different types of machines, but also to ensure full service and support after installation. All our experience and know-how is also used to assist fabricators in selecting the correct tools and machines and setting up a perfect work floor layout.