Reynaers antimicrobial coating for Touch and Horizon handles

Antibacterial coating

Hygiene is an increasingly important theme in our daily lives, and our requirements have risen along with it, especially in recent times.

Given these concerns, Reynaers Aluminium now provides a long-lasting antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal surface treatment for the Touch and Horizon handle ranges. The combination of the protection against these three types of microorganisms is labelled “antimicrobial”.

This new finish is available on our 2 handle ranges Touch and Horizon, so we can offer this solution for almost all opening types. The antimicrobial finish is available on all existing colours and types of our powder coating and anodization finishes and requires the same maintenance. The aesthetics of your system are preserved, as it will not affect the visual appearance of the final product.

This antimicrobial activity is achieved by silica-based nanoparticles and a bioactive agent, incorporated in the powder coating or anodization. Thoroughly tested by independent European laboratories according to ISO22196, it’s application is proven to significantly reduce the risk of pathogen transfer.

Therefore, buildings with more dense and fast-changing population like office buildings, hotels and hospitals will benefit most from it.

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