Our customers benefit from our strong logistics organisation that enables us to quickly deliver products from our various distribution centres worldwide. Our Head Office in Duffel (Belgium) has a central position within the country and its closeness to the Antwerp harbour, Brussels Airport and main motorways allows an efficient daily transport to all our markets.


Today, Reynaers has 12 distribution centres worldwide. To cope with the company’s rapid growth, Reynaers expanded its distribution centre in Duffel with 40%, bringing the total warehouse surface to 60,000 m². In Duffel, we prepare about 13,500 orders monthly. Every year, over 3,000 full truckloads leave our distribution centre. A practical warehouse management system allows all information to be transmitted and processed online, leading to efficient picking and deliveries and a continuous update of the inventory. To ensure high-quality deliveries, the quality department does regular checks on the material.