Wind- and water tightness

Wind- and water tightness are two of the most important elements determining the building system’s quality and comfort level. Reynaers windows and doors are developed in different levels of water -and wind tightness, to fit the requirements of the building. To guarantee this, our systems are meticulously tested in our state-of-the-art test centre.

Firm sealing

Reynaers windows and doors are equipped with high quality EPDM-gaskets that keep out air and water, during the complete lifetime of the elements. For the windows, our systems are equipped with a central gasket, guaranteeing the water barrier and an acoustical gasket at the inside, increasing the acoustical performance.  Reynaers doors have dedicated gaskets on both the in- and outside, to ensure air -and water tightness.

Water drainage

Besides the presence of a water barrier, the water tightness is also obtained by good water drainage. For all systems (windows, doors, sliding doors, curtain walls,…) this water drainage is crucial and requires a good concept.

The water that enters the system before the water barrier is led outwards through special drainage slots, avoiding water to accumulate. These slots are covered with drainage caps. Another option is to attach an extra profile, resulting in an invisible drainage system.