Valley Villa

Valley Villa

This project is a contemporary take on a traditional Lithuanian wooden farm estate, build alongside a hillside. It was designed to hang over the valley with open views to the surroundings thanks to the continous windows. The harmony of glass and wood combined with the varying forms create the impression of lightness.. 


To connect the inside with the outside, all main interior spaces have entrances to exterior courtyards. At different levels, these courtyards allow the owners to enjoy the sunshine all throughout the day while still having a sense of privacy.


For the buildings façades all natural finishing materials, mainly pine wood, were selected. 

The ground floor has a darker finish wood which makes it disappear in the shadow. To prevent overheating, the windows on the ground floor are partially covered with vertical wooden lamelles. 

Vila-real, Lithuania
Evaldas Lasys
Other partners: 
Adomas Žadeika (Investors) SIVYSTA, UAB (General contractors)