Reynaers brings Smart Manufacturing Solutions to the Window and Door Industry


With its ReynaFlow IT solution, Reynaers offers an intelligent control system and workflow manager that optimizes production processes in the realm of ‘smart manufacturing’, also known as Industry 4.0.

Duffel, January 2016 – Reynaers Aluminium, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, has taken the first steps towards full automation of its window and door production and marketing chain. This heralds a new vision of the future for its business in the construction sector. ReynaFlow, its software package designed to optimize, control and improve the production process, is set to be launched in Belgium where it will be a first on the market. This takes Reynaers’ into Industry 4.0 implementation, achieving significant time and cost savings for its customers in the manufacturing of window and door solutions.

While many production processes still are mainly manually driven, Reynaers Aluminium now offers a solution that digitally links the full manufacturing process, from preparation (cutting, machining), through connection and sealing to the final assembly and finishing. This enhanced communication capability is designed to improve the integration of production functions by tracking errors and monitoring each phase in real time. This ensures vastly improves production time.

In the current production process, as much as 90% of the total time required to manufacture an item is spent queueing. This represents the amount of time a person, signal or thing spends before being attended to or before value adding work is performed on it. Only 10% of production time is spent on physical touch; i.e. manufacturing the product in order to add value for the end consumer. Yet this where the management focus is.  

Therefore in the current process, both time and quality are at risk. Constructors know that time can be optimized, but they lack the insight to know how and where. The full production process is not sufficiently monitored and constructors cannot trace the manufacturing progress effectively. As a result production time is difficult to estimate and delivery times often become inaccurate educated guesses. ReynaFlow is a comprehensive IT solution that addresses these issues by harnesses the power of cyber and physical systems to monitor the production process comprehensively.

Enter Smart Manufacturing 

The new solution ReynaFlow achieves this in combination with ReynaPro; Reynaers’ software developed by Orgadata, including a database of all profiles and accessories which allows the calculation and manufacturing of projects.

True to the creed of Smart Manufacturing, ReynaFlow uses barcode tracking and tracing to better monitor production efficiency in the flow of work, including material, machines and manpower, from factory floor to final delivery.

Information is processed in real time providing the actual status of all running projects, tracking selected issues that affect the outcomes and setting production priorities. A digital manufacturing environment creates a paperless work floor on the back of ReynaPro data. This is fully integrated with articles on the Reynaers website and its regularly updated catalogues.

ReynaFlow has the capacity to provide analysis reporting on demand – also in real time. 
Pre-defined reports or export files cover all relevant data per project, workstation, operator, or per timeframe. This shifts the constructor’s focus away from the 10% touch time to where it belongs: the 90% queueing time.

Advantages for fabricators

ReynaFlow ensures numerous advantages for operators, supervisors and management.

For operators this means less errors and improved comfort levels as a result of clearer instructions and access to the right information at the right time and place. It enables him to manage his location better through direct feedback in real time.

Supervisors can look forward to vastly improved real time overviews, easy day to day monitoring, the ability to react immediately to critical issues and better quality management. The system provides improved and timely planning and support.

Management can only gain from the implementation of ReynaFlow as reliable production data becomes available in real time, providing accurate Key Performance Indicators on the utilisation of people, machines and projects.

Erik Rasker, Chief Technology Officer at Reynaers, believes that the latest extensions are indicative of the company’s desire to remain the technology leader as consumer needs change. “Innovation is part of Reynaers’ objective to support constructors,” says Erik. “ReynaFlow has been developed for all customers, from small sized companies with conventional tooling to the high end production factories using the most advanced machinery. The introduction of ReynaFlow is an important step in creating a workplace of the future that will be based on innovation and digitalization of the full production chain. ReynaFlow has been designed as the intelligent monitoring system that will become the workflow manager of the future. This investment will support their capital investments, improve manufacturing and control processes and enable vastly improved strategic decisions.”


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