Company history

Company history

The first years

In 1965, Jan Reynaers creates Aluminium Construction Reynaers in Duffel, Belgium. The company concentrates on the production of aluminium windows and doors using the Classic system, a self-designed aluminium system. This new high-quality system is easy to process, resulting in other aluminium joiners buying from him. The first years are hard and every penny is to be spent wisely. But no one loses faith as the turnover gradually increases. In 1969, the first steps outside Belgian borders are taken.

On 20 September 1973 Jan Reynaers dies in a car crash and his family takes over the company. Difficult years follow and every effort must be made to provide answers to ever-changing challenges. Fortunately, Reynaers can rely on the loyalty of its customers and the devoted efforts of all its employees. Together with a team of creative employees it further develops into a successful organisation.


Creation of Reynaers
Aluminium by Jan Reynaers


Start of distribution of
systems in the Netherlands

The growth years

The success of the thermal break profile series, developed in reply to the increasing demands of energy-saving and thermal insulation, leads to the creation of NV Erap, a production company for the insulation of profiles.

As the demand increases, Reynaers further expands its activities to Western Europe with the set-up of a subsidiary in Ireland, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In the early 90s, Reynaers widens its scope to Eastern Europe with sales activities starting up in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Baltic States, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.


Creation of Dynal France,
later Reynaers France


Reynaers moves East and
starts business with Poland


Start of commercial activities in
Czech Republic, Hungary,
Baltic countries, Romania, Russia
and Ukraine
UK: purchase of 'Euro Systems',
later Reynaers Ltd

The expansion years

With the take-over purchase of the system company Aluminios del Vallès in Spain, the number of employees in the Reynaers group grows up to 322. Also in this timeframe, the company receives the ISO 9001 Quality Certification as one of the first in the building sector.

Regarding expansion, Reynaers firmly believes in the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Their quickly developing economies hold enormous expansion projects, both in the residential and business sector. Within this scope, new sales offices are opened in Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Turkey. With the signing of the cooperation agreement in Yingkou, China and later on the opening of offices in Shanghai foot is truly set on the East Asian shore. The new Central European distribution centre in Piaseczno near Warsaw would later function as a bridgehead for the whole of Central Europe, given the increasing number of customers in that region.


Spain: acquisition of Aluminios del
Vallès, later Reynaers Spain


Opening offices in Switzerland,
Czech Republic, Russia and Latvia
Purchase of 'Alunion' in France, a
subsidiary of Pechiney Bâtiment
Start presence in China


New distribution centre in Warsaw


Opening offices in Turkey
Purchase of 'Roval' in the Netherlands


Opening of office in Azerbaijan


Start of Reynaers Scandinavia
Opening office in Kiev


In the new millennium, the expansion strategy is carried through with the foundation of Reynaers Middle East in Bahrain, Reynaers Iran, Reynaers India and new offices in Mongolia, Thailand, Australia, Israel and Canada. Since the African continent is an important new element in this strategy, the company starts to promote its solutions through offices in Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.

In the meantime, activities are strengthened in Europe with offices in France, Portugal and Italy. Also in this period, our Managing Director Martine Reynaers is elected Manager of the Year in Belgium. In 2015 the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. In that same year it started with the roll-out of a large investment plan to pave the way for further sustainable growth, including expanding its logistical and production capacity and sharpening its R&D and innovation capability.


Opening of the Reynaers Institute,
a unique centre of competence and
a forum for all partners in the
construction industry and
architecture Start of Reynaers
Middle East


Aquisition of Somalu to strengthen
the Reynaers position on the French
market for finished elements
Opening office in Austria
Purchase of Compostella
later Reynaers Italy


New offices opened in Bulgaria
and Romania


Opening offices in Mongolia, Serbia,
Australia, Iran and Thailand
Purchase of Alupol, later
Reynaers Portugal


Country offices opened in Ukraine and Tunisia.
New distribution centres in Italy
and Portugal


New offices in Singapore and
Sydney, sales in Canada


New distribution centre in Turkey,
acquisition company in Spain


Opening offices in India,
Morocco and Bulgaria


Opening offices Thailand & Romania


Reynaers USA
Reynaers Carribean


National & international expansion of 50 Million EUR
Opening offices in South Africa and Kazakhstan


Opening of Reynaers Campus
the new HQ of the Reynaers Group



Opening of Reynaers Campus
the new HQ of the Reynaers Group


Opening of the Reynaers Office,
a testament to Reynaers' expansion in Hungary